Obsessed with Knowing

What makes people do things?


I’m not sure if anyone else has an obsession with the ID Channel like I do. It’s the only channel my bedroom television knows. Most times, late at night while I am sitting downstairs on the couch, you got it. The ID Channel is on (I’m secretly watching it as I type). The only time that I have been this hooked is when I used to watch Intervention on the A&E channel. I think I have a sick obsession with wanting to know why people do what they do. If it ain’t wondering what brings a person to the point of sticking a needle in their arm to get high, then it is wondering what makes a person kill someone.

I think it all started when my uncle was murdered by a so-called friend back in 2000. He was shot from the back when he was leaving his neighbor’s house. This guy didn’t second guess taking my uncle’s life. To him, he felt justified. What REALLY made him walk out after my uncle with a gun and shoot him from behind? All because of an argument? Who gave him the right to think that he had the authority to decide if my uncle’s life was worth living? 

It’s true though. I am really interested in what makes people tick. What brings a person to the point of murdering someone? They have this one show called Murder Among Friends. Yes, it tells stories of real life people who have murdered their friends. Seriously?! Who does that? They are your friends for God’s sake. Oh and let’s not forget the shows that have spouses killing one another. I just don’t get it. What brings people to the point where they feel they have to murder someone? I mean really, do they REALLY think they are going to get away with it?! Everyone gets caught. Since when do people not value the life of a person anymore?

My husband on the other hand thinks that I am watching the shows to plan his death (joking). We laugh about it all the time.  I know I am not alone when I say that I have said “Man, I wish so and so would get hit by a bus” or “If I could kill ’em and get away with it, I would.” Don’t lie. Haha. Even if you haven’t said it aloud, you have thought it. That ex of yours that treated you like crap? The person who ran over your dog? The ex who uses your kids as pawns to try to control your life because you have moved on and found someone BETTER and your ex downgraded and is unhappy? Wait, sorry. That’s just my ex (That’s another story for another day. But true.) These shows show you all kinds of ways to murder someone. Word to the wise though, EVERYONE gets caught. There is no “perfect murder.”

Something else I learned… EVERYONE who is murdered is “an amazing person who was loved by everyone; Full of life; going places; destined to be something.” At least that’s what everyone interviewed has to say about the victims. I’m sorry, not everyone is that. For once, I would love for someone being interviewed about the victim tell it like it is…

“Oh Joe, he was a troublemaker from an early age.” or “Becca was a party girl who was very easy. She was the talk of the town.”

Anyway, am I really alone in this? Who else is addicted to either a channel or show? I know a lot of people are all about Walking Dead (My mom is one of those addicts). I tried watching a show but couldn’t get into it. We all have our addictions. What’s yours?


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