Shelby & Jacoby

Wondering What to Do with This


So a few years ago I started writing this story but life took over and it was put on the back burner to be, well, forgotten about. Last Tuesday I pulled out my external hard drive to find a few pictures. To my surprise, there was different documents labeled with the story name on them. I read each saved document and laughed at the memories they brought up. I thought I would share a part of one of the chapters with you all. I am all about constructive criticism. Hell, in all honesty, I’m all about just getting a “Yeah it’s interesting” or “This is garbage.” Let me know what you all think. Is it worth continuing or should I just leave it back on the external hard drive to be forgotten about?

Shelby sits back into her chair, pulls out a lighter from her pocket and lights up a cigarette. As Brooklyn and Jacoby continue to talk, Shelby is disgusted to hear the stories. Brooklyn is a young female who obviously is furious with Nicole. She was more than willing to give out information hand over foot dealing with her. Shelby could sense Jacoby’s frustration with all the lies he was told by Nicole. By now, the three of them are selling her out with each passing second. The web of deceit slyly woven by Nicole for the past year and a half is slowly being unraveled. Nicole had no idea the fake world she created was about to be shattered. More so, that her so-called best friend had just learned that Nicole accused her of allowing Nicole to be date raped; Jacoby learning more of Nicole’s unfaithfulness.
Shelby picks up her cellphone and leans over to Jacoby. “I think I should text Miss Wonderful and let her know that I am sitting here having a drink with my two new friends, Jacoby and Brooklyn. I’m sure she would love to know how great of a time we are having, throwing back a few drinks.” She catches a whiff of Jacoby. He smells so good, she thought. She wonders if it’s the alcohol talking or if she is unexpectedly falling for this scarred and caged man sitting beside her. Shelby looks over to Brooklyn, studying her intensity towards Jacoby. A few seconds later, Shelby picks up her cellphone and sends Jacoby a text message… MMM, YOU SMELL SO GOOD!!
Jacoby excuses himself to the bathroom. This is the perfect time to put my feelers out. I need to know what Brooklyn thinks about Jacoby, Shelby thought. She knows she has to be fast. The bathrooms were five feet from where they were sitting. “So Brooklyn, what do you think about Jacoby? I mean, I feel bad for his situation and all. I can’t believe Nicole has done this to all of us. I swear I would love to knock the hell out of her. She has another thing coming to her.” Shelby reaches for her pack of cigarettes again.
“He’s just started texting me. He’s sweet and all but I don’t know. He asked me if we could hang out after the bar closed. I’m kind of sick of the Nicole drama and just want away from everyone who is connected to her. I only wanted to let you guys know the whole story.”
Shelby quickly thinks of something to say. She can’t let Brooklyn aware of the thoughts swirling through her mind about Jacoby. “Yeah, he’s been texting me all day. Hell, I told him that I would come out and have a few drinks with you two. I never expected to be here this late. I know the poor boy is wasted though.” Shelby starts laughing as Brooklyn nods her head.
“You two aren’t sitting here talking about me, are ya?” Jacoby pulls his chair back and flops down. “I am about half lit. So who’s taking me home?” Jacoby laughs.

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