Shelby & Jacoby

Wondering What to Do with This


So a few years ago I started writing this story but life took over and it was put on the back burner to be, well, forgotten about. Last Tuesday I pulled out my external hard drive to find a few pictures. To my surprise, there was different documents labeled with the story name on them. I read each saved document and laughed at the memories they brought up. I thought I would share a part of one of the chapters with you all. I am all about constructive criticism. Hell, in all honesty, I’m all about just getting a “Yeah it’s interesting” or “This is garbage.” Let me know what you all think. Is it worth continuing or should I just leave it back on the external hard drive to be forgotten about?

Shelby sits back into her chair, pulls out a lighter from her pocket and lights up a cigarette. As Brooklyn and Jacoby continue to talk, Shelby is disgusted to hear the stories. Brooklyn is a young female who obviously is furious with Nicole. She was more than willing to give out information hand over foot dealing with her. Shelby could sense Jacoby’s frustration with all the lies he was told by Nicole. By now, the three of them are selling her out with each passing second. The web of deceit slyly woven by Nicole for the past year and a half is slowly being unraveled. Nicole had no idea the fake world she created was about to be shattered. More so, that her so-called best friend had just learned that Nicole accused her of allowing Nicole to be date raped; Jacoby learning more of Nicole’s unfaithfulness. Continue reading “Shelby & Jacoby”