Reality Check for Punks

He Didn’t Take the “Coward” Way Out.


I’m a country girl at heart. But not this new country whatever you call it. The old country. Before they added pop into it. Before, when the lyrics spoke to you. They told a story. It’s not that anymore. It’s saddening.

With that being said, I like listening to all genres of music. I had my rap days, pop days, techno days, hair bands (yes, that’s 80’s and early 90’s rock), alternative, and some heavy rock. Over the years, it all has changed. My husband and I were talking about this last week in the car after hearing the death of Chester Bennington, the lead singer for Linkin Park. Continue reading “Reality Check for Punks”

Obsessed with Knowing

What makes people do things?

I’m not sure if anyone else has an obsession with the ID Channel like I do. It’s the only channel my bedroom television knows. Most times, late at night while I am sitting downstairs on the couch, you got it. The ID Channel is on (I’m secretly watching it as I type). The only time that I have been this hooked is when I used to watch Intervention on the A&E channel. I think I have a sick obsession with wanting to know why people do what they do. If it ain’t wondering what brings a person to the point of sticking a needle in their arm to get high, then it is wondering what makes a person kill someone.

I think it all started when my uncle was murdered by a so-called friend back in 2000. He was shot from the back when he was leaving his neighbor’s house. This guy didn’t second guess taking my uncle’s life. To him, he felt justified. What REALLY made him walk out after my uncle with a gun and shoot him from behind? All because of an argument? Who gave him the right to think that he had the authority to decide if my uncle’s life was worth living?  Continue reading “Obsessed with Knowing”

My QUIT DATE is Aug. 6th 2017

No more smoking for me

It’s been a week since I went to the doctor to talk about options to help me quit smoking. After consideration of a few things, we decided that Zyban would be the best option for me. I was directed to continue smoking like I was for one week while taking the pills twice a day. After day 7, cut back.

I didn’t think it would be this easy. I really do not have the urge to smoke anymore. There are times, like when I first wake up or after dinner that I feel like a cigarette but going from 1 1/2 packs a day to maybe 5 cigarettes a day is quite the accomplishment for me. I’ve tried so many times before without any success. Continue reading “My QUIT DATE is Aug. 6th 2017”

A New Day Starts Tomorrow 

Tired of worrying

My dad died of lung cancer when I was a teenager. I was diagnosed with onset cervical cancer  when I was 16. Last year, my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer. This year, my mom and stepdad were both diagnosed with skin cancer. My stepdad is currently going through the treatment process. Other family members have dealt with breast cancer, too. I don’t say any of this to gain sympathy from anyone. I say this because I have realized that cancer does not discriminate.

With a list this long of cancer running in my family, I am a smoker. I have been smoking for roughly 20 years now. Crazy, right? I know. Sounds like someone is playing with fire. As the saying goes, “play with fire and you’re bound to get burnt.” Continue reading “A New Day Starts Tomorrow “

Hey There, Hi There 😆

Have a laugh or two

While my life is like an F-5 twister in the midst of Oklahoma City, ever chaotic and disastrous, I have found that writing has been an outlet for me. Instead of my husband and kids running for the hills, I write. I want to share my ideas and life experiences, flaws and all. My blogs are meant to be fun, motivational, and to allow you to laugh at yourself and me. Trust me, I won’t take offense. I laugh at myself daily. They will be raw. I write the way I speak; from the heart and with no censorship. 

Believe the shirt says it all 😂😂

Please feel free to comment. Let me know how you feel, what you agree/disagree with, or your own story. I like learning what makes people tick. Don’t forget to follow, too! There’s always something interesting happening in my world.